Why You Shouldn’t Hire Uncle Bob


Weddings can be very expensive with costs adding up here and there, so many couples often have to do what they can to stay within their wedding budget. Couples ask themselves where they can cut corners to save money and still have an enjoyable and memorable wedding, and more often than not, wedding photography is usually one of the expenses that goes on the chopping block. It’s not that couples don’t want to have professional photos of their big day, but with budget constraints, they have to consider all of their options.

Engaged couples find professional photographers in their area using Google, have photographers referred to them by friends, or have family members/family friends who own fancy camera equipment offer to shoot their wedding for practically nothing. We often refer to these people as Uncle Bob.

“Practically free” is usually the part that gets the couple’s mind wondering, “What if Uncle Bob was our photographer because this could help cut the cost of our wedding”. Couples try to imagine the differences between Uncle Bob’s work and that of a professional photographer. We broke down some of the biggest differences between professional wedding photographers and amateur photographers here – What Makes a Pro Wedding Photographer – and this will explain in more detail.

In our experiences photographing weddings, Uncle Bob is the one with the latest DSLR kit from Costco or Best Buy. Those camera kits are usually purchased with the intention of shooting his/her children’s milestones and everyday moments, and if he/she can get good photos of kids running around, then a wedding should be manageable. How hard could it be, right? Leave the fancy camera on the automatic setting, snap some photos, maybe do some light editing on a few of the highlights, load them onto a USB drive, and deliver. Easy-peasy and Uncle Bob the photographer gets to be a part of the wedding instead of being just good ol’ Uncle Bob.

Most of the time, Uncle Bob does not consider the other factors of wedding photography and will eventually understand why professional wedding photographers charge as much as they do for their services. Unless Uncle Bob is experienced shooting in poor lighting conditions, harsh lighting situations, posing wedding portraits, facilitating group photos, and having a variety of lenses and equipment to get all the angles, he or she will usually have a miserable time behind the camera. Uncle Bob also won’t be able to mingle with other friends there and will have to stay with the couple who will want photos with their wedding guests. Couples could start to feel guilty seeing Uncle Bob work so hard on their big day, knowing that he or she is not getting compensated enough for all the effort. The worse thing is if this ends up affecting the dynamic of all parties involved after the wedding because the photos were not what the couple wanted, or have the style the couple liked, or other things that professional photographers discuss with their clients during meetings.

In the end, it’s really up to the couple to weigh the pros and cons of paying for a professional wedding photographer or risking it by taking up the offer from Uncle Bob. We believe that there are other places to take short cuts to stay within budget because other than the rings and love itself, wedding photos are the only other thing that lasts. Simply put, hire professionals to do what they’re good at and let Uncle Bob enjoy the celebration with everybody!

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