What is an Engagement Photo Shoot?

Blue soul photo engagement session

Engagement photo shoots are really a lot more than just a couple of hours of taking couples photos with a professional photographer. An engagement photo session is a great opportunity for us to break the ice and get comfortable with us, someone you’ve invited to be very big part of a huge moment in your life. Engagement sessions give you a first-hand experience on how your photographers operate and get a chance to start building a friendship with them.

You’re super excited to have your photos taken but have never had any experience in front of the camera or a professional photographer, so this is where a casual and fun engagement session can make you comfortable with your photographer. The more comfortable you are with your wedding photographer, the better the photos will turn out because you trust them to know what they’re doing.

Most of our clients are not professional models, so we help with the posing to make you look natural in front of the camera. We usually like to show our clients how we want them posed and positioned by doing it ourselves first. Since we shoot in pairs, one photographer will be the guy and the other will be the girl. We usually get a lot of laughs out of this and that’s one of the biggest reasons why we don’t mind being a little silly. It’s an easier way to demonstrate the pose we’re thinking of rather than trying to explain it. We also shoot a lot of candid photos as well so you get a variety of posed and candid photos. Just another reason why we love shooting in pairs. You get to know us as a team and get comfortable with how we all work together.

Your engagement photos can be used for lots of things. Most of our clients use them for save-the-date cards, photos to display at the welcome/guest-sign in table during the ceremony and reception, enlarge them on canvases, or simply to have professional photos to remember themselves before the wedding.

Our engagement sessions usually last anywhere between 2-3 hours and can visit 2-3 locations depending on distance. Some couples know exactly where they’d like to have their engagement photos taken while others need a little assistance picking. Typically, we like to show our clients some samples of engagement photos we’ve shot and see what sparks their interest. Once we figure out the type of style they want, we’ll suggest a few locations and they get to narrow it down.

Once the location gets planned, we start thinking about wardrobe. Since we get to go to different locations, we can add a lot of variety to the photos by changing wardrobes. We can have something casual and playful for one location and then change it up to something a little more formal for the next location. It’s something that’s totally up to you and we’re up for anything. Most couples bring 3-4 outfits because they can’t decide, and when that happens, we’ll use our experience to help pick something. We’ve had clients fill up their trucks with suitcases full of clothes because they just couldn’t decide, so don’t feel too pressured to find the perfect outfit.

After the location and wardrobe is all sorted out, we start chatting about themes and props. This idea has been sparked by resources like Pinterest, Etsy, Facebook, and Instagram, where clients see super cute photos online and simply love the concept. We can definitely incorporate theme ideas and props into our photo shoot, so just let us know and we can help make it happen with location suggestions and outfits. We are always up for new ideas for photo shoots and have the experience to go with the flow.

Engagement sessions are also good opportunities to do a makeup trial session with a makeup artist. Since you’ll be having professional photos taken, why not see what you’d look like with your hair and makeup done? You get to see yourself in our photos and nothing beats that kind of view. You can go back to your make-up artist with a few notes on what you liked and what didn’t work for you so that you’ll look stunning and perfect on your wedding day.

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