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Wedding photography has evolved quite a bit over the years. With all the advancements of technology in digital SLR cameras, it has paved the way for new styles of wedding photos that are more edgy and artistic than the styles of yesteryear.

Traditional wedding photography, high-fashion wedding photography, wedding photojournalism, and artistic wedding photography are four of the most common wedding styles in the industry today. It’s important for any professional wedding photographer to be able to shoot all the different styles and formats so they can wow their clients with their versatility and appreciation for the differences.

Traditional wedding photography is very timeless and classic. The poses are facilitated by the photographer and are usually formal and simple. In our experience, this style is almost always appreciated by parents and we would usually start a photo session with  a few shots like that because they’re very “Rated-G”. Couples can show these photos to anyone without worrying they’re too artistic or edgy and it warms the clients up for the fancier poses and angles.


High-fashion wedding photography has grown in popularity and is a request that we get once in a while. This style of photography is used primarily during portrait photo sessions with the bride, groom, and wedding party. It incorporates edgy fashion magazine-style poses, dramatic lighting using natural shadows or off-camera strobe lights, and unique camera angles. We use this style for more modern themed weddings as opposed to rustic and vintage weddings that would look better with a different photography style.


Wedding photojournalism is easily one of our favorites and something common you’ll find in our work. Photojournalism is capturing the moment as it happens in its purest form, as if we weren’t there, with the whole vibe and environment. The way these types of photos evoke emotions combining subjects with busy backgrounds is amazing and is something that we love. This type of style is perfect for any type of wedding style or theme.


Lastly, we have artistic wedding photography. This type of photography requires a lot of planning to get type of shots that you would imagine that would be enlarged, framed and put on the living room wall, or the epic shot that is made into a canvas wrap. The majority of these kind of shots use unique camera angles and utilize advanced post-production. Think of this as a fancier type of photojournalism.

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  1. by Jazmine on August 8, 2015  5:54 pm Reply

    My wedding will be 9/27/15 at the Luminarias Restaurant please let me know if you are available and your pricing. Thank you!

    • by Danny Nguyen on August 19, 2015  3:33 pm Reply

      Hello, Jazmine! Congrats on your engagemet! Shoot us an email at or give us a call at 626.269.8898 for pricing!

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