Complete Wedding-Day Timeline/Itinerary Help! Part 2

Thanks for reading up until this part. We hope that you find this information helpful, but now we have to plan the rest of the itinerary.


Ceremony: The actual ceremony itself can be anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour.

Your church or ceremony location can give you a much better idea on how long your ceremony will last, so make sure you consult with them before you set a time in the itinerary.


Post-ceremony photos: 2-4 minutes per shot.

While your friends and family are still at your ceremony venue, right after the ceremony is a good time to get some big group photos organized and photographed. With the help of a pre-made shot list with a list of different groups and people you want to have a photo with and the help of someone who knows a lot of your guests, we’d organize these groups and have them ready to have their picture taken with you. It’s much easier to get those group photos out of the way right after the ceremony before they’re excused to cocktail hour.


Wedding party photos and newlywed portraits: 1-hour

1-hour is a good amount of time for us to take photos of the entire wedding party together, photos of just the boys and just the girls if we didn’t get enough during pre-ceremony, and photos of just the newlyweds. The hour will be perfect because guests will be enjoy cocktail hour anyway, and if we get done with portraits ahead of schedule, the wedding party can join their guests and mingle or take a breather and do touch-ups before the grand entrance.



Reception: The reception can be between 5-6 hours.


The reception time includes cocktail hour, dinner, dancing and these other events:

– Grand entrance

– Welcome toast/blessing

– Father/daughter dance

– Mother/son dance

– Maid of honor speech

– Best man speech

– Cake cutting

– Bouquet and garter tosses

– Open dancing

– Grand exit

This isn’t an exact order that every bride and groom needs to follow, but it’s a very common schedule for weddings. It’s ideal to make sure everything on your wedding day goes smoothly, and to allow an ample amount of time for each part of the day, but small things come up, and time is cut short. Regardless of how hectic things can possibly end up, remember that you have friends & family to help carry through the day, but most importantly, remember to enjoy the big day!


Have any more questions regarding your wedding day itinerary? Feel free to contact us and we’d be happy to help!

Let us know if this was helpful for your big day!


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