Taglyan Complex Wedding Photos | Hollywood, CA | Becky & Hoang

Today, we have the pleasure of sharing photos from Becky and Hoang’s big day from the Taglyan Complex located in Hollywood, CA. This beautiful wedding venue, just blocks away from the iconic Hollywood and Vine intersection, is best known for their stunning ballroom complete with a 5,000 square foot stained-glass ceiling.

From the very beginning of the day, Geoff and I knew it was going to be a really awesome wedding to be a part of. The tea ceremony they had was full of laughs thanks to bridesmaids making the groomsmen prove to them that the groom was worthy of their bride. Of course, being as cunning as he is, the groom tried to be slick and quick for the front door of the bride’s parents house. He was chased down and booted back to the front of the yard where there were games waiting for him and his groomsmen.


Wheel-barrel styled push ups while picking gummy worms was just a warm up to advance towards the front door of the house.


The next game was to pass the strip of seaweed to each groomsman.


Lastly, the groom had to sing her a song to confess his love to the bride.


The sign of approval from the bride’s parents.



Even their cute Chihuahua got in the spirit with her own red dress.


After the tea ceremony festivities were over, the entire wedding party made their way to the W Hotel in Hollywood to finish getting ready for the ceremony. This is where the bride changed into her wedding dress with a little bit of help.


A really endearing “Simba” moment we were able to capture with the bride and her puppy.


The groom putting on his finishing touches inside the W Hotel.



The bride sent over a gift for the groom and it definitely got the approval of his groomsmen. Nothing a fancy bottle of Scotch won’t do, right?


A truly happy and blessed couple. You can just tell by the way they looked at each other during their first look before the wedding ceremony.




We had a few moments, so we took advantage of the beautiful W Hotel to snap a few wedding party photos before we departed for the Taglyan Complex nearby for the wedding ceremony and reception.


We arrived at the Taglyan Complex and got underway with some wedding portraits with just the bride and groom. As pretty as the venue is on the inside, it’s outside area is also awesome with a garden complete with a nice fountain.



It was a packed ceremony with a couple hundred guests, but the Taglyan Complex was able to accommodate the large number of friends and family there to witness the wedding ceremony.



Lion dancers to help celebrate the big day!



The grand ball room and amazing stained-glass window that everyone recognizes. This first dance had the special effect of low fog to give it a romantic and dramatic feel to it. We’re definitely going to be seeing this a lot more often at weddings.


The bride was very close to her 3 sisters, so they planned this awesome rap as their speech that blew everyone away.


As if the rap speech couldn’t be topped, the bride and her father really wowed the crowd with a surprise dance performance to remember!


Our good friend DJ Orbit (Darren Gin) was their DJ in charge of the music and we were very excited about that as well. DJ Orbit and his team are definitely one of the best in the business and we always refer our clients to him if they’re looking for a professional who knows wedding appropriate music and how to beat juggle and mash-up songs to get everyone on their feet.



After the cake cutting, everyone met on the dance floor and let the good times roll until the end of the night. What an amazing wedding to be a part of ! From start to finish, it was an awesome wedding filled with laughs and surprises and we were honored to be the ones behind the camera capturing all the moments.

It was our first time photographing at the W Hotel in Hollywood and the Taglyan Complex, but with the experience that Geoff and I have shooting weddings and other events, we were very excited to shoot at those two venues.

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