Allyson & Steven Tie the Knot! | North Shore, Oahu | Highlight Photos

Welcome to Oahu! In this wedding blog post, we get to relive the highlights of Allyson and Steven’s big day at a private venue in the North Shore of Oahu in Hawaii. Geoff and I were very excited to be a part of their wedding and couldn’t wait to start shooting photos.

Before the wedding day, we were able to get a run through at the venue with the wedding party and Lauren, the wedding coordinator. Lauren, L-4-Love Wedding Planning, was super professional and a delight to work with, and we knew the big day was going to be as smooth as it could be with her and her team taking charge.

With the rehearsal out of the way, all we had to do was make sure our camera bags were packed with the gear we needed and to get some rest.

The wedding day started off with preparation photos of the wedding party.


The bridesmaids trying to figure out how to put the veil on the bride.



The groomsan kit complete with all the details, like socks, pocket squares and tie clips.




The bride and groom have their first look and a private moment before the rest of the festivities begin. The Hawaiian backdrop was beautiful and provided a nice blue and green scene for this moment.


Taking advantage of the Hawaiian scenery and being efficient, we took some wedding party photos since everyone was there and photo ready.





After spending a little bit of time taking wedding party portraits, it was time for the wedding ceremony to get the bride and groom hitched!

The bride with her mom and dad making their way down the aisle.


It’s a beautiful thing when the groom sheds a tear as he watches his bride-to-be walk down the aisle towards him. Moments like these are awesome.


We present to you Mr. and Mrs. Chun!


Some of the wedding reception details at the private venue on Oahu.




The bride and groom enjoying their first dance as husband and wife on the outdoor dance floor.


Just before the sun disappeared into the water for the day, we were able to snap a few sunset photos before it went down.




Mother-son dance.Turtle-Beach-Hawaii-Wedding-Photos-022

UCLA beach ball toss instead of the traditional bouquet toss at this Hawaiian wedding.



As drinks flowed and people danced, the couple was nice enough to pre-order a midnight snack for their guests. Large pizzas were being passed around and was a total hit!


This was something that the couple have seen at other weddings and have always wanted to do it. With the help of their friends and family there, they were able to realize the dream.


It was a pleasure being a part of Allyson and Steven’s big day in Oahu, and we couldn’t have had a better time. The weather and lighting got tricky at times with fast moving clouds that would block out the warm sunlight suddenly, but Geoff and I are experienced and are fast at calibrating our camera settings to compensate.

It was our first destination wedding in Hawaii and are already booked for another one coming up in April! Can’t wait to be back for the food and the culture. It’s a very different lifestyle than the fast-paced style we are used to in Los Angeles. The views can’t be beat there and maybe we can book a couple of engagement sessions or other photo shoots while we’re there to make the most out of our trip.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the photos we captured from North Shore, Oahu during Allyson and Steven’s wedding day! Be sure to stop by again soon for more wedding photos.

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